02 May 2011

Lost things found

Great news - the lost block has been found.  So I've been let off having to make a block in the next quilt!  My dear Friend, who had taken all the blocks home with her, had accidentally tucked it away with another WIP.  She was very relieved at it's reappearance.

And, my parcel arrived from Leah Day's online shop,  10 weeks from mailing, and this was airmail!  Well, at least it came through Customs without pilferage.

Daughter and boyfriend moved without mishap. What a stunning view of Table Mountain they have from their lounge (note to self:  must take photos!).

She has been working on the Supernova blocks.  Showed her how to Free Motion Quilt - oh my goodness, does she have a steady eye and hand.  She neatly quilted up four 6" x 8" blocks that I will be turning into bags with zips (for South African National Quilt Festival goodie bags).  (ditto: photos!)