06 December 2011

More Orca Bay

I've been trying very hard to only use scraps that have already been cut into usable sizes.  Orca Bay part 3 says make 350 half-square 2" sewn (1.5" finished) triangles...ok...  Started off by using 2'" squares, creating  one 2" block and one 1.25" extra block - that lasted until about 120 blocks.   Then used 2.5" squares, creating two 2" blocks - only about 60 of those.  Lastly used 3.5" squares, sewing around each side, and then cut diagonally in four, press, and trim up a little. (and I've lost count now...).

3.5" square cut on diagonals
I don't yet have the rulers that Bonnie is using, but soon!  Gosh, but I've struggled to get the photos where I wanted them, have now given up!

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2.5" square cut apart

3.5" square sewn on each side

All blue blocks done, about half of the rest, but lots of cutting and pressing ahead.


  1. keep on keeping up...it is going to be stunning

  2. your work is nice ! the last way to do the blocks is very interessant ! I've the ruler Bonnie Hunters wrote about, but I think I could like the square sewn all around ! I'll try this method to do pinwheels during my future hollydays ! have a nice time sewing- domy from La Reunion (near Mauritius island... so, near you !)

  3. What a neat way to make the HST, four at a time, that must be a timesaver.


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