12 March 2012

Starting to Sew Again

Short update of quilty things.  The Orca Bay piecing is finished (was done a month ago) - now have to choose a backing and get it ready for quilting at our retreat in April or May.  Tonight I prepared the back for one bandana quilt and finished second bandana top (I think the quilting of these will also go to the retreat!).  Just Take 2 - I am way behind... have printed each installment, and have cut most of them at my Thursday evenings group (making a change from taming scraps), but needed to work on those bandana quilts before sewing these blocks.

Daughter C is travelling in Queensland and plans to be home sooner than she expected.  Daughter T says she has had some work and enjoying Wales.  We had a great party on Saturday evening - sister and bil both reaching a half century; it really made up for having to go to work in the morning and missing a French class.

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