10 April 2012

Long weekend

I really enjoy having a four-day weekend, lots of sewing done!  First some pictures of Fish Hoek beach just after sunset Sunday last week, was there with family, and had dinner at restaurant just behind me, right next to beach (view brilliant, food not so!).

Just Takes 2:

Liberated Round Robin:  Sewed like crazy for two evenings creating green fabric - all to show is 7 x 4.5" squares and smaller pieces of made fabric, interest waning a bit... because I can't think what I will do with them, and surely will need lots more....

My mother has shown an interest in making a quilt.  After taking her to our regional guild meeting in February where she bought half metres of six fabrics from the same range, I promised to help/show her... Friday we started, and with me cutting and pressing and she selecting and sewing we made some almost log cabin blocks... then continued on Sunday.  These are just badly pinned to one of the four polystyrene sheets that serves to hold my work/s in progress (to say a design wall sounds a bit pretentious).  She's aiming for a random type of look, rather than regimented rows.   Watch this space!

Saturday, thought to relook at LRR, maybe I should not make fabric from such small pieces, start with longer strips, pull all the lilac strings and ...  yay! in 15 minutes flat had stitched and cut these 3.5" pieces.  A border later?

Monday morning, so enthused with that turn around, I wanted to do something with red, and found in the red box all the left over string pieces from Orca Bay (mostly the triangles I cut the wrong way, because not paying attention!), Ok... seeing I'd added the turquoise slash, picked some 4.5" squares with turquoise and made these half-square triangles (hmm... more scraps for later!)  Various sizes... but at this point no idea how they'll get used!

Maybe should try again with the greens, using strings, and ended up making this, thanks to Anna's blog.  Again perhaps should have had wider pieces, as it took all evening.  It's about 14" x 16".  It looks better in the photo than in real.  But I could cut it up later!

So tonight, what to do, what to do... then saw what Margaret had said about containing her orange... think I know what, add a border...

... and I think (see, not stitched yet..) this might work... 

Go and see what other Liberated Rounders are doing.

02 April 2012


Today is T's birthday.  Is it possible that I have a 30-year old daughter?!  Just wish we weren't half a world apart today.  Happy Birthday T.

Some progress on the Just Takes 2 blocks, and an update on my hesitant contribution to Liberated Round Robin - although having done it, am looking forward to the second part.

Just Takes 2:  3 more blocks, trying hard to do them in order (at least the machine-piecing ones and omitting embroidery for now), but am now 14 blocks behind!!!   - Easter weekend coming up, should be able to catch up. 

This was block 1! - circle in centre is hand-stitched.

House block - this was second attempt!
 With some help:

Liberated Round Robin:

This was the original block, not quite sitting flat.

Then sliced the corners off

Inserted mauve strips, and squared up, but something missing.....

... a thin slice of turquoise!