02 April 2012


Today is T's birthday.  Is it possible that I have a 30-year old daughter?!  Just wish we weren't half a world apart today.  Happy Birthday T.

Some progress on the Just Takes 2 blocks, and an update on my hesitant contribution to Liberated Round Robin - although having done it, am looking forward to the second part.

Just Takes 2:  3 more blocks, trying hard to do them in order (at least the machine-piecing ones and omitting embroidery for now), but am now 14 blocks behind!!!   - Easter weekend coming up, should be able to catch up. 

This was block 1! - circle in centre is hand-stitched.

House block - this was second attempt!
 With some help:

Liberated Round Robin:

This was the original block, not quite sitting flat.

Then sliced the corners off

Inserted mauve strips, and squared up, but something missing.....

... a thin slice of turquoise!

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