24 February 2013

Summer Sunday

It's been warm here in Cape Town today, almost a bit too hot to sew, but needed to get this month's Block Lotto blocks completed.  I had done all the string piecing and had all the other pieces cut out, but had to unpick the first one, so that was holding up the finish.  The rules for this month were 6 x 9 inch blocks with "low volume" fabrics in both the string piecing and the backgrounds.  I am glad to see my first contribution arrived from January - but can't tell which are mine!  T is still playing on the side lines, she made two blocks in red and white.  Do hope our postal strike will be over by the time they need to be posted.  Same applies to the envelope sent yesterday! Someone had better watch her post box next week!

9 blocks for Feb Block lotto
I've appliqued the propellers onto these 6" blocks for Just Take 2.

16 February 2013

Good day!

Not a lot of sewing has been done this past month - work is very busy and it's been hard to motivate myself once home in the evening!   Have parked off a bit watching mindless television with daughter, and slowly stitching on a block or two of Just Takes 2.  Applique is not my favourite!

Today I presented my first mini workshop to my monthly quilt group - on Mitred Corners - had everyone hand stitching borders on small squares finishing with mitred corners.  Out of about 30 ladies only half a dozen or so had used mitres before.   In preparing the class found an interesting method which I also experimented with on a hexagon - this worked well.   I get really nervous, and forgot to say half of what I prepared, even though all written down, never mind, I'll email them all the notes!  Maybe pictures next time!

I believe my 8 year-old niece is sewing up a storm with my mother (her new-to-quilting grandmother) - just waiting for some photos!  And my sister is waiting for me to send scraps, so said niece can show her mother how to sew them!

Happy sewing, everyone!