10 May 2013

More words and one picture

Had a good couple of weeks, have completed about 13 Just-Take-2 blocks and started putting Section C together, but again have to wait for the appliqued ones.  Just counted the photos on my phone plus 3 more, as I try to take a picture of each as I finish it.  Soon I'm going to figure out how to upload photos straight from phone to blog, promise! Have 30 small stars done!

Tomorrow is our quarterly Guild meeting, have to be there real early, and I'm not good at real early!    Can't even go to bed early tonight as we will be out celebrating a wedding anniverary (Ours! 33 years!)

I was happy to see one or two of my blocks at opposite sides of the globe in Laurina's and Kate's quilts made from the February Block Lotto.
 (Ah ha!  Just added a picture from a URL!)

Saw the first episode of the first season of Da Vinci's Demons on Monday, well part of it, as I was out and the recording didn't get the first 20 minutes!  This is the production that has spirited away my daughter's boyfriend to Wales, with daughter.  I think they are enjoying being there, but it's far from her home, but closer to his family in Holland!

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