17 June 2013

Some more small steps

This is the latest, and last but three of the 100 blocks for Just Takes Two:

There are some really prolific quilters that blog and encourage other quilters in all parts of the world.  One blogger that I read and have been following along with her Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013 is Soscrappy from Florida USA.  I've kept up with each month, but haven't taken any photos until now.  My scraps are colour sorted by strips and bits, so that made the first step easier.  I have been grabbing a biggish pile from my strip boxes of each month, sewing them in a single large strata piece, and then cutting as many triangles as possible, and finally stitching all the left over pieces from that into 2 or 3 pieces.  At the end of the year I'll decide how to use them all.  June's colour is yellow, and these are all the strips I had, and what I created from them.  Please click here to go and see what others have linked as well.

I have been making small English Paper Pieced Hexagons for ever, and saw a mention somewhere that one can make hexagons without paper using a circle of fabric, so had to try!   A fair amount of fabric folded on the back, which I 'm sure can be recovered once stitched!  Partly stitched the smaller ones to see how they turn out.  

And finally, an applique flower with a blurry close-up of the detail.    One of our group members came by a bunch of made-up satin cushion covers, complete with zips, and challenged us to applique them.  There will be a viewer's choice prize at our next meeting.  And then they will be passed on to a charity for their fundraising.   Did this one by hand as I don't like raw-edge finishes, and my working sewing machines only do straight stitches so couldn't zig-zag them.

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