27 October 2013

Overdue photos

My goodness, according to the dates on the folders, it's over a month since I last transferred any photos from my phone to the laptop!  Not that I've taken many pictures as the phone is my disliked technology at the moment - it was mixing up the senders of SMS/texts that I was receiving, so was disinclined to use it.  Think I've finally sorted it out.

First, an update on the Split 9 Patch challenge - have made all of 5 blocks so far, but have quite a few sets ready for when I the crazy sewing urge kicks in again (sooooon).  I am really pleased how these are turning out! And this should make a good reduction to the full boxes of 2.5" squares and strips.

Next, an update on one of the scrap quilts that are being made jointly by my Mum and me.  This is a possible layout, with a close-up of a couple of blocks. Also very pleasing.

And on the way to the monthly quilt group meeting last Saturday I saw this beautiful vibrant verge of spring flowers, so had to stop the car and take a photo, and as usual no time to spare, so just snapped a photo through the windscreen!  But I've now found out how to touch up photos in Picasa as there was litter in front of it that I hadn't noticed!  Yeah! technology!

Last Sunday went through my box of 4.5" squares and pulled out any novelty and close to novelty prints to make an I-Spy type quilt for a surprise baby quilt (don't think recipient reads this blog, but one never knows!). There were only a handful of squares left after this- yay!  I have a couple on months in hand to finish it!  Yesterday I laid* them out on some batting draped over the frame, and started sewing the blocks into 4-patches.  
*as have been doing some physical exercise lately to aid the recently started better eating plan, and was a bit too sore to bend over and use my design floor.

And lastly, I saw a link to a charity that makes up knitted blankets, and decided that would be a good use some of the wool collection I seem to have amassed, knitting during TV-watching time.  They ask for 20 cm (8 inch) squares with long ends left on.  These are few from 100% wool I bought in Australia and although supposed to be double-knit (Aussies call it 8-ply) it is a little thick for baby jerseys.  These are the first four blocks, three knitted diagonally (the purply one with stocking stitch and reversed stocking stitch worked in a square design). the orangy centre one was the leftovers, and finished with crochet to make the size right.  The fun is changing the design often, so not to get too bored.

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