26 November 2013

A little sewing...

(Yes, there were some other pictures here sent straight from my phone, but removed them as the orientation was off!  I had been struggling to get the photos from phone to laptop, but suddenly it worked!)

Four blocks for November Block Lotto:

Leader and ender blocks, 12 completed so far, and I  really like how they look together.  It took more time to select the pieces from the jumbled up 2.5" squares collection than to sew the block - but it was something to do on a couple of Thursday evenings at the quilt group!  Trying to use dark and mediums, have about another 50 sets ready to sew.

This is the centre of the baby quilt.  Have cut the borders and selected a backing.

I saw an advert for this treadle Singer, was told by the antique dealer that it was about 80 years old, but on looking up the serial number is was, like me, born in the 1950's, and I know I'm a long way from 80!  He said it belonged to his +90-year-old mother's cousin who had it from new, and was sewing on it until very recently.  It turned beautifully smoothly.  Maybe I'll go back and see if it is still there!

01 November 2013

October Block Lotto

The night before last I realised it would be my last chance to make and upload the blocks for October Block Lotto, so these are what I created.   I was bowled over when I looked at their blog this morning to see I was one of the 3 winners!  I am delighted as they are really fun blocks.  Each one is 9.5" x 6.5"

Oak Leaf Block - October 2013