18 April 2014

Slow process...

Progress from about 2 weeks ago until today, from the front garden looking down towards the kitchen and beyond.  We will have to put a gate at the corner of the house to the new wall, to stop the cat going from the back to the front and being able to get onto the street.  The moment anyone goes out the front door she thinks is great fun to run around and join them, verbally making making her presence known as only Siamese's can!

Builders have about one day's work left - yay - we can open windows at last, and not have dust and cement drifting in. And then painting will commence, just the house sidewall for now.

....the last of the major rubble waiting to go.

From the street, permanent gates for the new driveway were supposed to arrive yesterday...
 Cut-down steps to the two back doors, with the new concrete ramp running alongside.
Another view of the ramp and steps, and the end of the wall.

Very big tree stumps that needed to wait until the end to be removed.
  The tree on the right sadly was taken down last weekend, its right in the pathway.
 A new garden shed will be put in front of the end of the wall, and the ancient one on the left (it was old 34 years ago!), which has been disintegrating for some time now will be demolished.

Perhaps next time there will be some sewing to show.  I won (again!) a set of blocks from the March Block Lotto, have received 9 out of the 13 (plus 4 of my own), very exciting!

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