29 June 2014

Very little sewing

Not much sewing has been done here, made this one block for the Block Lotto yesterday.  It will finish at 7" x 14"

Have been mulling over the blocks that need to be done for the second assignment for the SAGQ-TAC.  And my aversion to applique keeps kicking in...  but do have the design worked out for the hand applique one, pieces cut ready to sew.  The other piece is machine applique, and I want to do something I will be happy with, so the mulling continues.

20 June 2014

Last Saturday

Mourning Wales' loss to South Africa in the rugby test, but entertaining family at my sister's home. My mum, my sister, my sister, my niece, my nephew,and his wife.

06 June 2014

Autumn tree

This is the tree in the front garden looking autumnal. We have had a few storms already and the virginia creeper is already bare, missed getting good photos.

01 June 2014


The kitten... she is now known as George (family approved name)... or the Little Rat (P)... or the Terrorist (by the other cat).  11 weeks yesterday.

Taken with the webcam.

 The new custom sized garden shed under construction.
And a little sewing this weekend, plus writing the instructions for the CQ group, complete with step-by-step photos.  I realized too late that it would probably be easier to write the notes as I sew, although I was thinking very hard about them as I sewed and taking the pictures!  The other two blocks were made a while back.