29 September 2015

...and one more finish!

I delayed publishing a post about this quilt until (I hope by now) my sister C has been to visit Mum, and Mum has remembered to give it to her!

My Mum made the blocks, and she finished the top for C for her birthday last September.  C absolutely loves anything BLUE.  But my Mum survived a stroke before she could finish it.  I had bundled this one up, together with all the bits of fabric and it also patiently sat waiting for me to. do. something.  This HAD to be the one I finished next for her, and it WAS done ahead of C's birthday this year!

There were some extra blocks that went on the back with as much of the extra fabric that were used on the top.

26 September 2015

...and another finish!

In the middle of packing up my mother's house earlier this year, my sister C asked if I could finish a quilt for a friend of hers.  The friend's mother had started it but had sadly died.  I said yes, took the shoe-box containing the sewn quarter and all the fabrics home, put it in my sewing room and with all the busy-ness forgot all about it.   One day a few months later I saw the shoe-box and had no recollection of it's origins!  Had to ask both of my nearby sisters to remind me!

Took all the bits away to a quilt retreat in May, and cut and stitched, and then finished the top at home.  And then took all the scraps to make fabric for the centre of the back.

Finally quilted and bound it on Sunday this week - delivered it to my sister C to give to her friend.  I do hope that she likes it, and it gives her happy memories.

24 September 2015

More finishes!

It feels good to have some finishes to share.  All these quilts were tops just waiting patiently to be finished.

Whilst these Tulip Blocks are not quite finishes, they are the four I've made for the September Block Lotto.  The theme was Tulips for Spring for the Southern Hemisphere participants!
This quilt top was pieced by my Mother at a quilt retreat last year.  I used it to get my hand/eye in with the quilting before doing the two big ones last month.  Made with 2.5" strips from saved scraps.

This one was started when I stumbled upon Victoria Findlay Wolfe's creative blog, 15-Minutes Play, so long ago I can't remember when!  It is destined for a new baby girl for a teacher that was at my sister's school

I have two more to show...but I think I am going to keep these for later in the week!

Love from Cape Town!