16 February 2016

Keeping up to date, and loving this project!  Not all are perfect, but I'm not redoing them.  I have unpicked one or two seams when I wasn't paying enough attention.  I think there is another extra block, but will have to go look for the instructions to make it.  These are 6 to 17 Feb plus the bonus Valentine's heart and, I think, 23 Feb, which was published a little out of order.  Still all 3 inch finished, 3.5 inch unfinished.  The most pieces so far in one block has been 37!

06 February 2016

365challenge update

With a late start on 365Challenge (a block a day for 2016), I have caught up....and, because this is an Australian website and they release the pattern midnight there, when it is still 4 pm the day before here, I've actually done tomorrow's block!!!  These blocks are all 3.5" square, and so far has been an amazing progression from absolute basic through to more complex , starting with strips, four-patches, nine-patches, then half-square triangles and now quarter-square triangles.  These are mine from 1 Jan to 7 Feb, and I have sewed them in date order.