25 August 2016

Small steps...

I am starting to think that it is time to sew again. Only a little mind you. A good place to ease into this is to make the delightful August Block Lotto blocks by end of the month!  Cut these 2.5"strips in the colours needed for the three 6.5" blocks, then cut the squares and triangles...didn't think it through as to how much I actually needed...guess the brain is not yet in gear!  Nice strips though for another project, one day!
 Admitedly three weeks ago I did sew on the binding to the quilt started last July in a class with Kaffe Fasset (based on his Sunlight in the Forest quilt), and over the past two Thursday evenings at the quilt group I trimmed the backing and batting and pinned it in place.  I want to finish it before changing the thread in the sewing machine!   The weekend is just a day away!

House alterations:  the last basin was installed last weekend.  This morning whilst visiting my mother my car immobilizer decided to stop working and P had to come and rescue me.  As we then had to wait for the auto-electrician / the-guy who-knows-how-to-disable-car-alarms, or whatever he is called, we had time to go and chose all the bathroom rails and things like that...but standing in the queue we notice a sign that says 10% for those over 65 on Wednesdays only (today is Thursday!)...so put everything back on the shelves, oh well, what is another week to wait seeing we are now over seven months into this project!

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  1. I love your Kaffe Fasset quilt; I hope to take one of his classes one day!


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