30 September 2016

Blogger is about to lose me...

Well, Blogger just messed up mine and many other blogs!  It has removed the links on the left to sites I like to visit. 

This is Blogger's response yesterday:

I was able to retrieve all the links by using:  https://web.archive.org  but am hesitant to add them all back here in case they disappear again!   I need my daily reading fix to be accessible!

Maybe it's finally time to move to another platform.

And on the quilting front, I am looking forward to next week:  http://www.goodhopequiltersguild.org.za/event.php?id=19

18 September 2016

Three small blocks

Pleased with how these three six-inch blocks turned out!  Made to participate in the September Block Lotto.
Pattern is called Barn Door. 
I took the photos outside in the sunshine, but is was very windy and had propped the board up against a bush.  There were some shadows from twigs on the top block, but was able to edit them out with Picasa.

This is likely to be the only sewing this month!

Also linking up with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Soscrappy, which I haven't done for ages!