31 December 2016

A Year End Finish... well a top at least!

I think a week between posts is a good plan!   Let's see what the new year brings!

Managed to finish this quilt to, and although I normally veer away from light colours, the light sashing and borders make this work.  I am having fun piecing all the left over bits to make the back.  The fabrics were two specific ranges of fat quarters,so the bits left over are not very big.  I was going to use the narrow border green as the outside border, but my mother says she doesn't like green, so changed my mind!    After years of making long sashings and trying to align blocks (and avoiding blocks altogether because of this!), I've fallen in love with using cornerstones .. they just make it so simple to put together neatly.

24 December 2016

Midsummer update

Christmas Eve, and halfway through the summer staycation, and some sewing has been done.

These three 6-inch square string blocks for the December Block Lotto.   I can see more of these in my future as they are fabulous in the flesh!
I try to follow the colours that Angela at SoScrappy suggests each month to use the strings and scraps I carefully save from trimming new fabric and any projects, but this has been on the back-burner this year for me.  I sometimes mindlessly sew the strings into bigger slabs, but they just seem to get put into another box!  I think for 2017, I am going to make blocks like these.  Click on the link to see what others have been doing recently.

Having made the last two blocks for Pat Sloan's 2016 block of the month (stopped at 9) and sashed them together, now auditioning the two borders.  I enjoyed the self-imposed challenge of working only from the photos and a limited fabric palette.  I like the big 16-inch squares, but messed up with some of the contrasts.  The bright spots is from the sunlight coming through the blind.

 All the bits made for parts one to five of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery, En Provence.   I was challenged by a friend to make them smaller...but wimped out!  These are all 3.5" units (633!), and I've estimated that we have about three-quarters of the quilt so far, and we still haven't used the yellow and green fabrics!   Update:  Back link to Bonnie's Monday linkup - go and see the variety of fabrics in use!

 Well, Merry Christmas to you, it's time for me to see if the turkey has defrosted!  Otherwise we may be ordering pizza tomorrow, or only eating salads and chocolate!