22 October 2016

Reading fix fixed!

After the last post I did add back all the links to Blogs I Like Reading.  I know there are other ways of keeping reading lists, like Bloglovin, but I think that means signing up and logging in to yet another site (that will probably send you a bazillion reminder emails!).   I like this list just where is it, cause then I can take a quick peek when it's tea-time at work to see what's newly written.  It's also nice to see these lists on other blogs as I like to see what these Bloggers enjoy reading!  I have this blog bookmarked in the Toolbar so it's an easy click-through!   Admittedly, I am a compulsive reader!

The last few weeks were busy, my Regional Quilt Guild hosted a three-day event of classes and exhibition. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom and click on the Fynbos in the Boland link...and in the last picture in the gallery at the bottom, that's me in the red jersey spending all my money!  There was a cold snap and I had only taken summer clothes, and only afterwards realised that's why it wasn't as much fun as ususal.

I had the pleasure and honour of being a scribe in the judging room, and the cynic in me regarding quilt judging has been quelled, my respect for the process has grown exponentially!  Then helped transport and  hang the quilts.  No, regretfully, I didn't enter a quilt (maybe next time), nor take a class, nor take any photos!  I did sew the grand total of one, and almost another, 16" blocks for Pat Sloan's Secret Garden, Block of the Month (that was June and July blocks, so catching up!)

It's tax return season here - so have to pay attention to that side of work/my life until end of November, by then I will be very much more than ready to sew.

30 September 2016

Blogger is about to lose me...

Well, Blogger just messed up mine and many other blogs!  It has removed the links on the left to sites I like to visit. 

This is Blogger's response yesterday:

I was able to retrieve all the links by using:  https://web.archive.org  but am hesitant to add them all back here in case they disappear again!   I need my daily reading fix to be accessible!

Maybe it's finally time to move to another platform.

And on the quilting front, I am looking forward to next week:  http://www.goodhopequiltersguild.org.za/event.php?id=19

18 September 2016

Three small blocks

Pleased with how these three six-inch blocks turned out!  Made to participate in the September Block Lotto.
Pattern is called Barn Door. 
I took the photos outside in the sunshine, but is was very windy and had propped the board up against a bush.  There were some shadows from twigs on the top block, but was able to edit them out with Picasa.

This is likely to be the only sewing this month!

Also linking up with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Soscrappy, which I haven't done for ages!


28 August 2016

One finish and three blocks

I finished sewing down the binding on the Kaffee Fasset quilt- think I will refer to it as Spring in the Cape as our Spring wild flowers are in full bloom.  C came and left for Clanwillliam in a whirlwind this morning, just wanted to show it to her, but she wanted to take it with her, so no photos yet.

Then I could change thread and sew up these three sweet Split-9-Patch blocks.  Photo is a bit fuzzy as I am back to using the camera phone (just remembered, it's better to take pictures outside!)

25 August 2016

Small steps...

I am starting to think that it is time to sew again. Only a little mind you. A good place to ease into this is to make the delightful August Block Lotto blocks by end of the month!  Cut these 2.5"strips in the colours needed for the three 6.5" blocks, then cut the squares and triangles...didn't think it through as to how much I actually needed...guess the brain is not yet in gear!  Nice strips though for another project, one day!
 Admitedly three weeks ago I did sew on the binding to the quilt started last July in a class with Kaffe Fasset (based on his Sunlight in the Forest quilt), and over the past two Thursday evenings at the quilt group I trimmed the backing and batting and pinned it in place.  I want to finish it before changing the thread in the sewing machine!   The weekend is just a day away!

House alterations:  the last basin was installed last weekend.  This morning whilst visiting my mother my car immobilizer decided to stop working and P had to come and rescue me.  As we then had to wait for the auto-electrician / the-guy who-knows-how-to-disable-car-alarms, or whatever he is called, we had time to go and chose all the bathroom rails and things like that...but standing in the queue we notice a sign that says 10% for those over 65 on Wednesdays only (today is Thursday!)...so put everything back on the shelves, oh well, what is another week to wait seeing we are now over seven months into this project!

16 June 2016

Catch up...

It's been some time since I wrote anything....nothing really exciting to talk about, just busy I guess.  No pictures this time (see why at the end).... I did sew the May block for at Pat Sloan's 2016 My Secret Garden Mystery and made May Lotto Blocks, three pairs of 6" Leaf Blocks for the draw and more for me, and made three 6" quarter bull's-eye blocks for June Lotto sneak peak, and really liked the technique so made 16 more,  and had a weekend quilting retreat where I was catching up nicely with 365 Challenge,  making 12 of the 6"blocks - this is now waaaayyy behind!

I was lucky to win the Lotto again with the pairs of leaves and I plan to combine the Violet blocks with the Leaves.

We had some bad luck in the past couple of weeks, first my car was rear-ended, not much damage but car will be in the workshop for a week to sort out, and then last week we had a day-time burglary and my old and new, my husband's and my mother's laptops were taken as well as my tablet, and one quilt top (from a pile in a bag they emptied out to use the bag!).  My life was on my laptops - photos, quilt stuff, and lots more!  Have a new one, but have long weeks ahead to catch up on data and work lost (getting my daughter to do some data-capture for me).

The neighbours across the road captured the break-in and departure on one of their surveillance cameras, but don't think it will help our seriously over-worked/under-skilled police to find the perpetrators.   Eek, it took me three hours to clean the finger-print dust off the still-to-be used brand-new bathroom fittings and floor and off the electrical things not taken but packed by them and left in the bathroom.  Entry was made via the bathroom window, and we suspect that they were workers with one of the contractors we've had here over the past four months, as they seemed to know exactly where to go and not go in the house.  The alarm unfortunately didn't trigger immediately cause they left when it did and before the security guys arrived!  Oh! the Joy of South African Life!

Haven't had a moment since to sew or think about sewing!  But school holidays loom, and my work is quieter then, so should get some respite and time to sew. 

Pictures next time - maybe!

20 April 2016

Secret Garden Mystery...with Butterflies

The first four 16-inch blocks done!  This is an online mystery designed and run by Pat Sloan, one block a month in 2016, each one based on a garden. I've been making it fun by figuring out the cutting without looking at her patterns!

My fabrics are a combination of a fat quarter bundle of Victoria Findlay Wolf's first range and a batik bundle that complement each other...keeping my fingers crossed that it will be enough fabric!   The fabrics have been maturing for a couple of years waiting for the right occasion to be opened ;)

At the top are four April's Block Lotto Butterflies and one, so far, butterfly for the Old Mcdonald Mystery, both run by Sophie.  

19 April 2016

Monday mail and sewing

It was my turn to get lucky... I won the Block Lotto draw in March!  I will receive 44 blocks from 17 different quilters mostly from USA  but some from Canada and, today the first blocks arrived from New Zealand.  These are my four blocks added.

There was also a package waiting for me at home, and my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I realised that it was a parcel I had sent six weeks ago as a surprise to an online friend in USA being returned undelivered... lesson learnt, make sure you have the right address before mailing! 

Six more three - inch blocks for 365 Challenge... still happily on track.

11 April 2016

Q2 - 2016 Finish A Long

Well, here we are, more than a week into the second quarter of 2016, and it's time to to post the proposed finishes for this quarter for the 2016 Finish-A-Long.  It is almost the same list as the first quarter (bleah)!  I was very close to completing #2 and #3, hand stitiching binding still in progress.  #1 is now on the quilt frame (and George the Cat uses it as a hammock...)  I've removed #4 as I can't find it (think it was previously finished and donated) - and am not changing the numbering!.  I have started three other projects since January, but not listing them here as two of them are year-long quilt-alongs, and the other was a class that may or may not ever get done!  But, I did finish a small wall-hanging quilt that Mum had started (remembering that cheers me up!)

I joined up in January and in the first week of each quarter participants need to list already started projects that they think they might finish, hopefully by the end of the quarter (no penalties if you don't!).  Then write a post when a quilt (or other hand-work) is quilted and bound - ie, fully finished!  Link up at the start and the end, for a chance to win some amazing sponsored goodies.  More information can be found at one of the volunteer organisers, Mrs Sew and Sow.  Go and see what others have linked up!

1.  Kaffe Fasset's class "Sunlight in the Forest" - needs a back, batting, quilting and binding.

2.  Little Houses - my attempt at making a facing for this was unsatisfactory:  remove facing, trim the awkward shapes and finish (either new facing or binding).

3.  Top complete from Liberated Round Robin 2012.  Quilt,etc

5.   I have an incomplete Colourwash wall-hanging, think it is ready to quilt, but I don't have a photo - this is a finished smaller quilt made from the left-over squares as a reminder!

6.  Split Triangles, was a leader/ender project - some blocks made, maybe enough for a small quilt.
  7.  Birds made for myself made from a Block Lotto block, think it needs another border, then quilt, etc.

8. to  15.  All tops need quilting, etc:   16+.  can't seem to get the pictures to be where I want them!!!


My lifetime project - deadline March 2018:

10 March 2016

March 1 to 10 of 365Challenge

Ten more 3 inch blocks from the 365Challlenge.  Some are definitely easier than others!  Some I don't think I want to make again, but wonder if making them bigger than 3.5-inch (unfinished) square might improve my feeling in that regard!  But I do eagerly await each day's block!   It's seriously a lot more fun than making 365 blocks all the same!

I have finally got my mind into gear and started working on the 2016 South African Quilt Teacher's Accreditation Course, the one I had to abandon two thirds of the way through it in 2014.  Lots of re-reading done, and I note my same panic as last time about my ability to do it, although I had actually passed all the modules I completed.  The one thing I remember from the last time was that something needs to be hard to learn to actual learn it!  If it is easy you are do not gain anything new!  The practicals are slightly different this time.  Curiously, it is quite traditional, making templates (bleah), whereas I prefer to rotary cut even very odd sizes in my own work (I love doing the maths to figure them out!).