26 May 2013

It's a very wet Sunday night

Other than about a month ago when we had two days of rain, we've had gloriously warm dry autumn day weather leaving us wondering when winter would arrive. A-ha, today!  It started raining last night, and rain is forecast for the next 10 days!  At this moment it is bucketing down!   It's a wonderful sound.

Another week has flown by, but I did manage to work a bit on the irregular-pieced project and I think I'm about half-way through the piecing now.
This is now and last week (the handbag is keeping the polystyrene sheet propped up on a chair):

Finished one more Just Takes 2 block, and have prepped all the last applique ones:

These are my 3 blocks for May's Block Lotto

17 May 2013

The weekend is here!

Hurray, it's the weekend!  Did manage to make the last two pieced blocks for Just Takes 2 on Wednesday,  and only 7 appliqued ones to finish.  I really hope that they won't hold up the final assembly for too long.

Been trying for 2 hours, in between sewing and supper, to get computer to see phone to get last 2 photos off it.  Two reboots and one blue screen of death later, sigh.  Phone wasn't my choice and don't think I would recommend a Nokia N9.  My aging computer doesn't help!

(Yeah!  Worked out how to get 2 photos side-by-side - go into html and change one anchor from"1" to "55"!!)

Looking forward to tomorrow's second and final part of Bettie's class on Irregular Piecing, lots of attention to be paid to it tonight!  That is, find all the fabrics needed!  Update: have stitched 7 out of a gazillion pieces!  Working out OK so far!

Sent off my two birds to the April Block Lotto winner - they've migrated north to warmer climes.

14 May 2013

Lots of pictures!

17 Just Takes 2 blocks done, in fact I only have two left to paper-base piece, and about 7 or 8 to applique, so these might be the take-to Quilt Retreat weekend to finish.  There a few similar blocks, but each has different fabrics.

Was putting this finished one back in its filing sleeve, and wondered why it didn't look like the picture, so some unsewing and resewing done!
Halves put together wrong!  But interesting!
This is now right!
And the first picture here is the prep for the central applique, and then the finished block.

 And finally the rest.  Now up to 34 star blocks made, one is peeping here.

10 May 2013

More words and one picture

Had a good couple of weeks, have completed about 13 Just-Take-2 blocks and started putting Section C together, but again have to wait for the appliqued ones.  Just counted the photos on my phone plus 3 more, as I try to take a picture of each as I finish it.  Soon I'm going to figure out how to upload photos straight from phone to blog, promise! Have 30 small stars done!

Tomorrow is our quarterly Guild meeting, have to be there real early, and I'm not good at real early!    Can't even go to bed early tonight as we will be out celebrating a wedding anniverary (Ours! 33 years!)

I was happy to see one or two of my blocks at opposite sides of the globe in Laurina's and Kate's quilts made from the February Block Lotto.
 (Ah ha!  Just added a picture from a URL!)

Saw the first episode of the first season of Da Vinci's Demons on Monday, well part of it, as I was out and the recording didn't get the first 20 minutes!  This is the production that has spirited away my daughter's boyfriend to Wales, with daughter.  I think they are enjoying being there, but it's far from her home, but closer to his family in Holland!