10 January 2013

Block of the Month

Am looking forward to the first weekly meeting tonight of the quilt group of which I'm a member - I'll use the time to cut up all the scraps that got generated this last month into usable sizes, and if still time, some applique for Just Takes 2.

This is my Creative Quilters' December Block of the Month.  This is the penultimate one, and I'm glad that I used a bundle of coordinating fabrics for this project.

A pressed half-sewn block - have pressed 5 out of 25 - got bored so made the BOM instead.

Oh darn, still have 2012 on photos, but have worked out where and when to change it - must remember next time!

08 January 2013

Work day and some pictures

Went into the office today in the middle of some leave... just as well, as the outlet pipe of one of our essential aircon units was blocked and water was leaking into the offices... technician called and all seems to be fixed.

 Here are three more completed blocks from Just Takes 2.   The first two are pieced on paper...
...but this one is hand appliqued - I now have a much greater respect for all those fully hand appliqued quilts out there!  This is first time I've attempted anything like this, and yes, there are some odd stitches in it, but am quite pleased I tackled it.  I can now complete the assembly of Part A - this was the last block, and it's taken me on and (mostly) off since July to finish.

One of the blogs I like to read is Block Lotto and although I've made 2 or 3 blocks I've kept them for myself, but I think this time I'm going to sign up and these are going into their pool.  They are are 6" x 9" and were simple and fun.  Daughter T also made one in red and white, also looks good, but she wants to keep it!

And here are the 25 half-sewn blocks for Easy Street, waiting to be pressed. 

I've just noticed that the watermark on the photos still says 2012 - I'll have to try and remember where in Picasa that can be changed!

01 January 2013

Finish number five!

Blown away by the final reveal of the mystery quilt - lots of happy sewing in the near future to finish this one.  As lots of quilters have commented, it was a mystery right up to the end!

I finished this today.  The second from the gifted fabric panels last July, but had to add some other pieces to make it a reasonable cot quilt size.  All free motion quilted on the frame, but I again overdid the quilting so it is not as cuddly as I would like.