20 October 2011


Gosh, it's been some time since I wrote anything.   I see the last blog was that I was looking forward to going to the South African National Quilt Festival. in July.. Well did that, and what a wonderful display of quilts and talent was on show.  Please look at the amazing pictures at SANQF.   I really got into the spirit of the theme - see photo of hair colouring on this blog - four months later, somewhat faded, but still making strangers smile at the craziness.

Sadly my Dad was taken to hospital during that time, and left us at the beginning of August, a very difficult time for whole family.  But we are slowly picking up the pieces.  I want to say feeling normal again, but I don't think one really does feel the same after losing a parent.  It's really put a damper on my wanting to quilt, but thank goodness for the friendship of the quilt groups I belong to, their support has been needed and welcomed.

My Mum is visiting my sister in Australia, and I am most envious of her being able to visit the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair

Daughter C is leaving next week, also to Australia, on a year's working holiday visa.

The best news for last - Daughter T, after working on a quilt for a family member, and making lots of sample blocks based on this blog has had two baby quilts commissioned by a friend.  Means I get to see a lot of her on weekends, as she still doesn't have space in her flat for sewing.

To all the quilters out there who blog their work and process - a big thank-you!

And almost forgot, we have a new baby....