24 November 2011

Orca Bay Mystery

After humming and hawing since Friday last week when Bonnie Hunter put up the first part of her newest mystery quilt, I decided, yep, can do this!  The first part says 448 pairs of quarter square triangles, hence the indecision.  But after pulling out of my stash of ready cut 3-1/2" black and neutral squares and figuring out that I actually only need 112 pairs of squares, seems more manageable.  Have about 3/4 of that number ready cut, so pulled out some of my untouched fat quarters, and away we go.

3.5" squares and strips from tamed stash

fat quarters waiting to be cut

ONE hourglass block, and three in progress, only 223 to go!
Please go and look at all the other linked participants at quiltville

Three years ago I joined a weekly quilt group, and almost every Thursday evening I have taken a box of scraps left over from sporadic quilt making from the past 30-odd years and have been taming them, a la Bonnie Hunter, into usable sizes.  I have about another year to go to get through the rest of the unruly scraps!


  1. Congratulations on your great start, and on having usable sizes all ready to go!

  2. I started with 3.5" squares too! Glad to see you're getting your scraps under control and enjoying the mystery too :)

  3. Wow - talk about commitment - a 4 year project!! Congrats on getting such a good start on your blocks.

  4. Love your fabrics. Blocks will be done in no time!

  5. Looking good! Way to tame those scraps!

  6. Great blocks, I'm glad you decided to play along, the more the merrier.


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