01 December 2011

Orca Bay part 2

Here are some of blocks of my start on part 2 of Orca Bay Mystery.  Was very pleased at the way they were turning out.  I did follow Bonnie's instructions this time, but not certain I like removing papers, so will try a few by just making fabric with scrap strings.
Part 2 blocks
Please go and look at all the other link-ups at Quiltville.

I have always been a compulsive reader, and to have found interesting quilt blogs to read is absolute heaven!   I suspect I am not the only one, but I don't always find the courage to leave a message!  Thank-you to all that take the time to write and share.


  1. Love your blue strings! That block on the lower right is super cute.

  2. I did almost all of mine without paper - worked fine. More about it in my blog.

  3. Lovely, isn't this fun! To see what everyone is doing and where they are from, me from New Zealand and you from South Africa! Hello! I have only just got my specialty rulers, so now I have finished step 2 I can go and do step 1!!! oh dear step 3 is out tomorrow!

  4. I love your blocks, and I've finished mine now but looking through blogs I found this ladies method which looks like something I will try for the next ones:

  5. So far, so good - your blocks look great!

  6. Nice to see another fellow Orca Bay player from South Africa...I too lived in South Africa and still visit.


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