25 January 2012

Lots of sewing

Orca Bay - not quite a finish, but I have stitched the centre blocks together, stitched the outer borders together, and stitched the inner border into one long piece.  Four evenings straight!  I found myself itching to leave work so I could go home and sew!  And I like being at work, most of the time.  Need to press all the sections before the finale.   But "have" to go out for dinner tomorrow, it's my weekly quilt group's annual "end-of-year" party... but Cape Town being so hectic during December because of summer and Christmas we have it in January!  Actually, I am really looking forward to a fun evening.

Very glad that the heat wave that we had for five days has abated,  the summer's howling south-easter is back, cooling things down a bit. 

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