03 January 2012

Welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year, ok, ok, so its two days late, but have been very busy.   Have managed to finish sewing all the pieces of Orca Bay (pressing, well that's still ahead) .... and yet there are others out there who have put the whole thing together!   (Busy, as in busman's holiday, finishing off accounts for my daughter's ill-fated coffee-shop, and my sister's gem of a Montessori school.)

As I snapped this picture, Eep (yes, that's the sound she makes, so name has stuck) jumped up.. so one more...

Please go and look at the linky-thing  at Quiltville, to catch up with the other Orcadians

After much mind-changing, have settled on purples and off-whites for the Just Takes 2 mystery (and if they go together nicely and reasonably quickly, will do some in red and green (go Wales!):

The first blocks have been released, but I need to wait a week or so before starting that!

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  1. sweet Eep, matches your machines!.....what a good helper.


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