12 July 2012

Books in the mail

A day's leave and Bonnie Hunter's latest book, String Fling, collected from the Post Office (deemed too large for delivery, but at least no customs and vat to be paid), yippie!  Managed to write a blog post for Liberated Round Robin showing the flimsy (pictures in last blog-post).  Am looking forward to quilting this one.

And last week collected Leah Day's book, 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs (paid customs and vat this time).  Yes, I know you can see all the designs on her blog, but it is really nice to have them in one place to page through.  Go see what my Fish Hoek Friend has been doing!

T says "will it never stop raining", and my response is, welcome to Welsh summers!  I wish I was there instead of watching it rain here in Cape Town.

My plan is try and sew, if not every day, then every other day, even if only for 15 minutes.  So after looking at the six blocks from 15minutesplay that have been pinned up for the past year (there were more, and good intentions, etc), suddenly I knew what I wanted to do to put them together.  So I grabbed all the 2.5" red strips to make the blocks bigger.  Sewed for 30 minutes last night.  Pictures next time, when there is more to show.

I made a promise to myself when I turned 50, that in that year I would make 50 quilts for charity.  Four years on, I think I'm up to number five actually finished, with about 3 or 4 tops waiting to be completed.  But I now might have a secret helper, who has been raiding my crumbs and strings boxes and making the most beautiful "made fabric" - no pictures yet!  I think I have her hooked!

Love to you all!

10 July 2012


I have been a bad blogger :(   I was embarrassed to find that I had 4 comments that I had to moderate to publish, oops.  Thank-you for commenting!

Some pictures, seems like I have also been bad at taking photos!  And taking bad photos, need to take them outside, but its been kind of wet.

Needle-cases for Cape Embroiderers Guild (to be stitched on by my good friend, F) for their annual event.  the one says "I never met a chocolate I didn't like"

 Liberated Round Robin progress and flimsy

09 July 2012


Am sitting at work, thinking of going home, the rain is beating against the window and it's getting chillier by the minute.  Thought if I at least write something here, it may prompt me to add some photos from home later, as I have actually been sewing again.  After a big tidy up in my sewing space, and realizing that the winter blues are not a figment of my imagination, after almost 6 weeks of no real sewing I just had to do nothing but sew, and so I did!  Yesterday, caught up on the Creative Blocks of the Month (all six done, including redo of my one from January) - I had a brainwave about a month ago that I should select a group of co-ordinating fabrics in which to do them all, so that there is some cohesiveness.  I'm using a fat quarter bundle bought (when?) from Fat Quarter Shop.  Put together all but the last block of the Just Take 2 (section one) - last block might take some time as it is an applique!  Can now start of the next section (which I think started in April!), but have already selected the fabrics. But next sewing MUST be the Liberated Round Robin, it is a flimsy, but it needs quilting. 

But also have a number of non-sewing admin chores to do - trying to allocate time to each of them as there are deadlines looming. 

Love to you all!