29 October 2012

One down, many to go

My list (yes, I have to have a list) for tonight included getting one quilt laid up on the frame ready to quilt.   Hah!  Not only put on the frame, but quilting done!  (Means the other 6 things didn't get done!)
 Most of the quilts I've made are put together by laying batting, back face up and top face down, smoothing out each layer well, pin about 6" all around edge, sew along edge 1cm in, leaving a 8-10" gap (for turning).  Trim the batting very close to stitch lines, trim back to match top, turn inside out.  Reach in and fold the corners nicely, pin the opening closed, and top stitch 0.5cm from edge.  (The metric is how I learned to do it!)  I normally then smooth out and pin-baste, then machine quilt, but not very densely, just enough to make it secure.  This quilt was already to do the first sewing, so went ahead.  Then pinned it to the leader fabrics on the frame.  All free-motion quilting.  Mostly was brilliant fun to do, stitches in places a little big, but that will improve next time, but the tricky part was near the edge, as machine kept bumping up against the side tension clamps, so just removed them and stitched slowly-ish.
One draw-back I now realize is that although it is a big frame, the Pfaff 1200 still only allows about 6" of quilting at  a time, and I am glad I laid it length-ways.
Charity quilt #6 - finished - 38" x 49"


  1. Hello Karen,

    I would really love to come to your quilter's guild, but unfortunately we are moving into a new house this weekend. Can I come with another time? I would love to meet other local quilters.

    Kind regards,

  2. Such a lovely bright and cheerful quilt


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