27 October 2012

Quilt Frame

Fetched the new to me quilt frame (a demo model from a local quilt shop closing up) on Thursday, and have spent the better part of today assembling it.  It's a bit bigger than I thought.  Yes, I knew it had a 1m x 4 m footprint, but it has filled up the last of the floor space in my sewing room.  it's an Imperial Quilting Frame, I think made by Grace & Co.  I have one quilt that needs this 120" wide king-size frame, and when that's done will re-assemble it to half the size (But then will have the problem of storing the extra bits!)  Tomorrow some pictures and a try out with the demo Grand Quilter Hobby 1200 bought with it.  The purchase of a second machine was from the thought that I love piecing with the second-hand one I got last July and don't want to move it back and forth from frame to table so took the opportunity to buy the demo one.  Hope that both work!  Will have to move things around for it.  P not at all happy about it.   Hope it works!

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