29 November 2012

Some sewing!

Have had some time to sew this week - yeah!   First up, have sewn all the 192 4-patch 3.5" blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery - Easy Street (still need to press about half!).  No, it's not a monochrome photo, the fabrics are greys and white with black prints, and I do like them.  Please go and see what over 200 other quilters have linked to at Quiltville!
And these are the fabrics I chose for this mystery.  I have selected most from my collection, but I was a bit short of the black on white prints - now remedied!

Had some progress with other projects, not quite complete finishes just yet, but still, some progresses. And before showing these pictures, here is shot of the fabrics daughter T bought at a quilt shop in Haarlem, wishing I was with her!

I finished sewing all the easy pineapple blocks together, here draped over the frame:

 This is my block to be added to the Table Mountain Quilters' group quilt, out of Sunflower Fund bandana left-over fabrics.  It is paper-based, so that all the blocks should be the same size.  The printing on the fabrics include the word "Hope" in most, if not all, the eleven official languages of South Africa:

And because the pineapple blocks no longer on the design "wall", now have laid out the kaleidoscope blocks made in September in the workshop with Bettie van Zyl of Hermanus.  It was a 2-day class, but could only attend the first day... so although saw some of Bettie's quilts, am now taking wild guesses at how the layout should be approached - just what looks appealing is probably best:

23 November 2012

Itching to sew

After 2 weeks of "sorting out", and settling in family, and rushing the tax dead-line (midnight tonight) for colleagues and family (only one more return to complete!)  (next year, everyone is doing their own - yeah, right, LOL), I am absolutely raring to sew.   Did get about and hour and half of hand-sewing last night at Table Mountain group, but need more time behind machine.

Bonnie Hunter has put up the first part of this year's mystery - and she did say it would be a little simpler than last year - but part one is 192 4-patches - yeah! - an easy start and carefree sewing!

T wants to go look at fabrics tomorrow to make some skirts - she saw one made from Tumbler Blocks - should be interesting.  Of course her Mum has to go with her - hope she decides quickly!

13 November 2012

Slow progress

Not much to show this week, have tried to work on a few things, but really nothing worth photographing.  Have sewn a few more Pineapple blocks together, prepped more Just Take 2 blocks.  There has been a flurry of "sorting out"as my older daughter and partner will be here tomorrow from the UK, staying with us for maybe 3 or 4 months.   Stitched the log-cabin block for a group quilt, but my mother has it as a guide to do hers.  Pictures soon!

04 November 2012

Another one done

Scrappy star quilting done!  The 15 centre blocks were thanks to the instructions at  Block Lotto - May 2012 block.  Some of them were way too wonky, but got used nevertheless.  I've made a few of their blocks for fun, but have yet to participate in the lotto!   Playing with the new frame I quilted it a bit more densely then usual, and it is less cuddly than I would prefer.