23 November 2012

Itching to sew

After 2 weeks of "sorting out", and settling in family, and rushing the tax dead-line (midnight tonight) for colleagues and family (only one more return to complete!)  (next year, everyone is doing their own - yeah, right, LOL), I am absolutely raring to sew.   Did get about and hour and half of hand-sewing last night at Table Mountain group, but need more time behind machine.

Bonnie Hunter has put up the first part of this year's mystery - and she did say it would be a little simpler than last year - but part one is 192 4-patches - yeah! - an easy start and carefree sewing!

T wants to go look at fabrics tomorrow to make some skirts - she saw one made from Tumbler Blocks - should be interesting.  Of course her Mum has to go with her - hope she decides quickly!

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