03 December 2012

Sewing update

Oh dear, tomorrow is my self-imposed deadline for the 3rd finish! Not happening!  I wonder why?  It could be that I have been sewing, but mostly not on Quilts in Progress.  Spent most of the weekend work working, so little time for sewing.  Three evenings out last week also didn't help. (No P, I am not going to another wine tasting, I barely like wine and it definitely doesn't like me - something in it makes me sneeze and congest up, no real fun.)     But I have found some time for Easy Street - Part 2  - I thought I had cut out all the wings, but am about 7 or 8 short, but cut way too many geese!  Have sewn what I have cut, again just need to press (plus Part 1) and trim the dog-ears.  Our SA National Quilt Festival is in Bloemfontein in July 2013, and the Guild organizing it produced some promotional fridge magnets.  I've never used a guide like this before, normally eyeballing the cut edge whilst sewing;  the guide sort of worked.

Easy Street Part 2 cuttings

Easy Street Part 2 chain piecing

Feeding second goose wing under needle
Easy Street - 2 complete  geese - lots more to go


  1. Lovely colors for your geese! I had none of Bonnie's colors in my stash, so I had to go with something else. It's so much fun to think of all of us from all over the world working on the same quilt together.
    Judy (Virginia, USA)

  2. Great looking geese! There's lots of sewing but these mysteries are a great way to break up so much sewing.


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