03 March 2013

Great niece!

This month's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Orange .  Today is not a sewing day, but itching to get started with orange.

Having got my mother hooked on making fabric from my left-over scraps, and her taking a whole lot of scraps with her to Australia two months ago (she's back tomorrow, yay!) to give herself something to do, she's now got my eight-year old niece making the most fabulous pieces of made fabric.  My sister sent some photographs of S in action and her work, and she's been waiting for me to put them here (my sister takes way better photos than I do!).  I asked S on Thursday what her favourite colours are, so now need to find lots of pink and blue scraps!  Mam - hope you've left some scraps for S!

Serious concentration here (do her feet even touch the floor!):

 Keeping her fingers away from the needle:

 Nice straight seam (and I don't know what she is actually sewing here!):


 And these are her made fabrics, and my sister is so proud of how neat the backs are:

And don't you just love those teeny tiny four-patch centres!

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