07 April 2013

Autumn starting

The last few days here have been thankfully cooler and almost windless, perfect for sewing.  From late March to end May is my favourite time for weather, no wind, not hot, not cold, some welcome rain.  As we purportedly live in a warm climate our houses (and especially mine built over 80 years ago) generally have no central heating/cooling.  The rooms in my house have high ceilings (10' / 3m), under a high pitched roof, coolish in summer but unpleasantly cold in winter.   Sometimes in winter it's warmer outside in the sun than inside!  I have a mobile aircon unit in my sewing room, and hoping to have a split unit installed sometime this year (that depends on when the old garage abutting the room is demolished, and that depends on when the stored contents in said garage get dealt with in some way!)

For ages I have thought about teaching quilt-making and serendipitously had recently met a friend from school who was looking for a teacher because she wanted to make a wall-hanging with flying geese.  After a number of emails between us we spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday pulling fabrics, cutting and teaching her how to paper-base flying geese blocks. 

I made nine blocks for this month's Block Lotto, but only two are the right size, the other seven are a bit short, so will keep them, and if I have a chance/feel like it, will make some more.  They were fun to do and, as as one of the other lotto participants said, takes more time choosing the fabrics than to sew!  They are 6" x 9" finished ( +15 x 23 cm).  I also forgot when sewing them up that I had cut the backgrounds from three difference blues, and so mixed them up, and don't have enough of blues to change, and not unsewing!!

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