04 April 2013

More cheerful...

Have had such a busy week!  Decided it was time to move on from that last depressing post!  T went back to the UK on Easter Friday, she looked really happy to go!  It was great to have her here for so long.  We celebrated both her and my birthday with a family lunch (12 of us) at home as her flight was late at night.  Had the gammon that we'd frozen at Christmas (because we forgot to start cooking it!).  Yummy!  C helped cook, whilst I helped T pack and put away what she couldn't take.

Have since  rearranged my sewing space and moved the quilt frame against a wall - it had been standing in the middle of the room since it arrived in October.  Couldn't move it sooner, as I had a bed in the room as well.  It's so nice to be able to move around the middle of the room again rather than shuffling sideways between desk, frame, table, cupboards!

I'm on a roll to "not tidy up", but to declutter!  That means giving away useful but unwanted things and throwing anything not useful.  eg  had a pile of jigsaws and children's board games (that were in drawers under beds) - some had bits broken (remember Mousetrap!) so got binned, others in good condition will be offered to my sister for her school, or taken to the local charity store.   Actually getting rid of the beds as well!!  (No T, we still have your jigsaws unopened waiting to be done!)
   .... looooong way to go.

Pictures of quilty things next time!

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