29 April 2013

More pictures

My plan is to do at least one Just Takes 2 block each day!  I'm past half-way now, have selected all the fabrics for the last 7 blocks - all cutting gets done during my Thursday evening group, should get the last ones cut this week.  I will be able to hand sew some of the applique ones once all cutting done.  I have to admit, I'm starting to enjoy the hand applique, but still don't think I'll do it voluntarily again!   I try to take a photo each block as I finish it, but then have to remember which ones I've posted here!

Inspired by the blogs I read to finally have a "structured" Leader and Ender project, instead of just grabbing odd scraps.   Like Tazzie's they will finish at 4" square.  It's time to start using Bonnie's scrap user system!!

My JT2 now have star ratings!  ie, how many stars get pieced as L&E!   Not formally keeping track, but these two were 3 star blocks:

 More  blocks:

And these are the star blocks so far.  The fabrics span decades, I see some from the 70's when I started my hexagon opus (still in progress)!  The one with the tiny hats on was bought in 1994 - for a dyeing workshop, we had to have a print with a white background, there weren't a lot around at that time!  I think I have some scraps of the dyed ones too.  The brown/blue floral centre (3 down, 3 across) is from the very first quilt that I made together with my mother (1976-ish).

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