17 May 2013

The weekend is here!

Hurray, it's the weekend!  Did manage to make the last two pieced blocks for Just Takes 2 on Wednesday,  and only 7 appliqued ones to finish.  I really hope that they won't hold up the final assembly for too long.

Been trying for 2 hours, in between sewing and supper, to get computer to see phone to get last 2 photos off it.  Two reboots and one blue screen of death later, sigh.  Phone wasn't my choice and don't think I would recommend a Nokia N9.  My aging computer doesn't help!

(Yeah!  Worked out how to get 2 photos side-by-side - go into html and change one anchor from"1" to "55"!!)

Looking forward to tomorrow's second and final part of Bettie's class on Irregular Piecing, lots of attention to be paid to it tonight!  That is, find all the fabrics needed!  Update: have stitched 7 out of a gazillion pieces!  Working out OK so far!

Sent off my two birds to the April Block Lotto winner - they've migrated north to warmer climes.

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