05 June 2013

Mid-week bits and pieces

Well, the weather forecast got it spot on, a full ten days of rain, today was the first day of sunshine, with clouds but no rain, and with more rain forecast for the weekend.  I had a great weekend away with 21 other quilters all sewing our hearts out.   !@#$, no photos, as camera battery died.  This photo was taken on Sunday in the centre of Cape Town (sorry don't have the credits for it) - it's a carpet of hail, but looks like snow - we do not get snow at 10m above sea level!  Sometimes a dusting on the 300m+ mountains close by.  I've never seen this much hail in Cape Town, normally we just get a sprinkling, maybe once or twice a year, that melts in 10 minutes.

Only one finished Just Take 2 block, needing a press!:

And some quilt inspiration - these are the tiles behind my sister's stove top:

With a dead phone and no other connectivity over the weekend I nearly missed out on being a Block Lotto winner!  When I got back, a number of patient emails were waiting to let me know.  I needed to have replied to the first email confirming acceptance and posting details.  I should have let the co-ordinator know beforehand that I may not be available when the draw happened.  Lesson is, don't think you won't win!!  I only started participating at the beginning of this year, but had for about a year been following the blog site and trying out some of the blocks, even making a whole small quilt from the May 2012 block.  In the next two to three weeks I should receive a whole bunch of blocks to add to my three, thank-you, thank-you to all who made blocks.
Quilt with wonky Liberated 5-point Stars from May 2012, very wonky!

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  1. The hail looks pretty spectacular for Cape Town! Stellenbosch only had a little bit of hail. But the weather was awful! Our garden was so water-logged after the week of endless rain.


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