25 August 2013

A busy weekend....

.... that started on Thursday evening when I took possession of 13 blue squares with children's hand-prints from my sister's school, trimmed  them to the biggest I could (7.25").  Pulled a pile of black on white and bright prints and off to my weekly quilt group where I cut what I thought would work for stars with the squares as centres.  Couldn't wait to get home from work on Friday to start sewing!  These were the first two blocks:

Saturday was in an all day workshop making Curvy Squares, and I sneaked the last two sets of flying geese in with me to stitch in between.  This was the layout after much jiggling around....
... and this is the stitched together blocks.  Not yet finished, have to make a million yards of bias to stitch over all the curved seams, it make take a while!  Whilst I like the layout, and so glad to have finally used a stack of 8.5" squares of really nice prints, I'm not sure I liked the construction method.  I look forward to the quilting of this one, as the partial circles look like ripples.

As soon as I got home I set to work on the stars:

And this is the finished centre, think it still needs a border.  As there were 13 blocks I had to do some creative placement, and realized I didn't want to fill in the 2-block rows with just a plain fabric.  As I said the blue blocks started at 7.25" which ended as 14" unfinished blocks, which was an odd size.  The little stars are 4" ones from the small pile I've made as leaders-and-enders.  I've not really added cornerstones to many quilts and I discovered what fun it is when sashing the blocks.  I tend to be of the just add a bit more school, but this quilt had every piece carefully measured.
This is quilt one of three that needs to be totally finished in three weeks....  the other two I don't yet have the painted squares!

And as a final photo, some finished baby jerseys and hats for donating:

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