16 September 2013

No pictures..

... and my sister Jo knows what that means!

Did manage to finish the quilting on all three school quilts by Saturday evening.  Cut out the binding for the first one ready to start on Sunday.  Thought I would only have to bind this one, as I had enough fabric in the backings of the other two to bring to the front as an edge finish.  Huh! Trimming the batting of the second one and I managed to slice off the back, so OK, trim it all off and make a binding for number two.  Much more controlled and careful cutting of excess batting on the third one!  So two bindings and one turnover edge.  Bindings machine stitched down as no time for hand finishing.  First two collected for pre-auction display at the school this week.  I lost my impetus to sew the last binding, so that will be done tonight.  Will ask for photos of them hanging at school.

On Saturday morning there was a meeting of local quilt teachers held under the auspices of the local regional guild.  Lots of good discussions around teacher/pupil/venue expectations and norms.  One of the topics was that the South African Quilters' Guild is running a year long Teachers Accreditation course.  Self-study with assignments.  Moderators are all highly experienced quilters.  Open to all quilters, even if not yet a quilt teacher!  It is a pre-cursor to the Judges Accreditation course.  I think this is a good step for South African quilters, encouraging new and experienced teachers to ensure that what they are teaching meets a certain standard.

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