29 September 2013

What a rush!

 These are the three quilts all finished and on a teaser display in the foyer of Jacky's school.
They were sold on auction in function room at a local theatre last Saturday and whilst my husband thought they should have got more, we were pleased that they raised a tidy sum.

Here are some more pictures of the ground floor of her Montessori school taken early evening.  I am proud of her, as she started this school from scratch less than 5 years ago.  There are no state subsidies for private schools in South Africa, so it has been a long journey for her (and her amazingly handy husband!).  The demand for high quality early childhood education means it is still growing!

And finally a picture of the Just Takes 2 quilt with the borders on.  It joins the queue of 8 quilts need quilting!  At least it looks purple and white now, instead of blue and white! 

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