03 December 2013

Mystery started....sort of!

At the end of October Bonnie Hunter blogged the requirements for this year's Mystery Quilt - Celtic Solstice.  I had been waiting in anticipation for it for ages, and although I liked the colours she was using, I thought I wanted to do them a little differently (trying to link South African flag and/or Welsh colours, as yes they are also Celts!), and after agonizing over it for the past month, finally wimped out and gave in to doing the colours suggested.  The first part of the mystery was blogged on Friday, so if I was to make any headway, I really needed to pull out some fabrics.  I had decided that I would use only fabrics from my collection.

The first part needs 3.5" strips of neutrals, oranges and blues.  I picked out all the ones already cut, and some 3.5" squares plus any greens and yellows, and, because I just looked at my washed out print of the instructions, thought we were working with yellow (instead of orange), so went gaily ahead and cut more 3.5" strips of yellows... I do hope we get to use them!  Thank goodness I hadn't sub-cut any of them.  It means my yellows might be a bit scarce if we need larger pieces later on, too bad!!

Tomorrow I hope to cut some of the blues and neutrals to add to the strips.  I like to include as many of each particular colour as I can straight away so that there is an even spread of the variety.  I don't think I will get a chance to sew until Saturday.   So this is how far I got tonight:

Now go over to the link-up on Bonnie's site and see what all the other passionate quilters are writing about their progress!


  1. I love the clear, strong colors you are working with. I am a huge fan of Bonnie's but I don't have enough fabric to tackle a mystery, so I will continue on with my old shirts and crumbs and drool from afar. Omaha, NE, USA is my home (Warren Buffet the bazzionaire lives here too.) I am finishing up a hand quilting project left behind by a co-worker's beloved grandmother. There are 5 tops waiting to be quilted, and more ufos than I can count. I made a pact with myself to sew up what I have, and other than backing, I have not purchased serious yardage in years. I will enjoy watching your progress. Paula in Omaha. Quilter, Pet Sitter and Hotel Specialist.

  2. What happy colors! They look so cheerful together. Isn't a new mystery too much fun?

    1. Lots of fun! Oh my goodness, I finally found out how to reply to comments directly on blog!!! Yay!

  3. It is going to look great in any colors...can't wait to see it shape up!

  4. LOVE those colours - they are so CLEAR and INTENSE!!!!!!


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