10 December 2013

Progress on the Mystery Quilt

I finally decided that if I want to do this mystery quilt, then I must cut out all the pieces as soon as I can after the part is released, even if the sewing gets done later!  I cut down the 3.5" yellow strips into 2" and 1.5" strips.  I thought of cutting new 2" strips for the squares, but was worried that I might be short if need larger pieces of the yellow later.   Go and see how far the other participants have go on Bonnie's link-up

Here is the visual progress of what little has been sewn so far:

I love the mathematics of quilts, so for those who have similar leanings, my calculations of how far we've gone after Part One, presuming you've managed to sew all the units, was:  27.75%
  Number of pieces:  1140
  Number of units:  380  (my tally: 22)

And a running total after Part Two:  63.4%  45.6%
  Number of pieces:  2604
  Number of units:  868 624 (my tally: 23)

Here are all my pieces cut out, waiting  for solid sewing time!

My mother's latest completed quilt top - I love her tenacity in sewing all those narrow strips!  New to quilting only last year and with 3 or 4 completed tops the next thing is for us to get together for a series of lessons on finishing them - thank goodness for summer holidays rushing up soon!  In the past month she has had two successful cataract ops and is amazed at what more she can see!

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  1. Karen, your fabrics are so vibrant and bright....it will be a lovely quilt.


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