19 December 2013

Step 1, 2, 3...

It was a public holiday here on Monday, our Day of Reconciliation, so some solid sewing and cutting prevailed.  The lure of Celtic Solstice called, so managed to sew all the neutral corners on one side of part two, and then cut out all of Part 3.    I'm sure I've cut out more than is needed!  I will wait to the final reveal, but I think I am going to turn this into 2 or 3 smaller quilts - I can't see I really have a need for a 111" x 111" quilt (2.84m x 2.84m).  Especially after seeing how successful other quilters were last year by taking units from Easy Street and making it smaller to suit them.  Go and see what other Solstice creators are doing on Bonnie's link-up.  Last day at work tomorrow, yay! Holidays, yay!

My revised recording :
Part One, presuming you've managed to sew all the units, was:
  Number of pieces:  1140
  Number of units:  380  (my tally: 22)

Part Two: 
  Number of pieces:  2604
  Number of units:  624 (my tally: 23)

And a running total after Part Three: 
  Number of pieces:  3092 
  Number of units:  929 (my tally: 243, with some half completed ones!

(Plus 4 Split Nine Patch blocks!)

We had a work staff lunch last Friday at Forester's Arms and this was the floor of the ladies room, black and white tiles:

My daughter T  has made a couple of baby quilts.  She tells me she can't wait to come home (just for 2-3 weeks in January) to box up and take back to Wales her fabrics that are stored here.  She has been wanting to make more quilts, but reluctant to buy more fabric knowing what's here!


  1. Hello Karen...Your quilt is looking great. Im still working on part 2. I do not have a blog so will post pics on facebook. I am from Michigan in the US. Where does your daughter live in Wales? I used to live there also...in Haverfordwest. Loved it! Can't wait to see your finished piece.

  2. Those floor tiles look great - I'm sure there are a few potential quilt designs there.

    Your mystery blocks look good!


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