05 January 2014

The year ahead...

Sophie suggested we blog about quilt plans for 2014, and share them on Block Lotto, so here goes!

This year should be interesting.  I have committed to cut back from full-time to 3.5 days a week at my paid employment (ie 3 days plus extra days over the year at busier times).  So that means that my (currently) unpaid after-hours job of about 10-15 hours a month will increase a bit, and I've been told I might get paid!   I am really looking forward to the changes.

Quilt-wise this year I hope to successfully complete the South African Quilters' Guild "SAQG Quilt Teacher's Accreditation Course" - lots of self-study work involved in this.  There are three deadline dates from April to Oct for the assignments that all require a pass mark of 80%.   Am still nervous but excited about this.

I decided that I am not buying any quilt fabric in 2014, I did this once before about 4 or 5 years ago and it had the wonderful effect of making me focus on what I have squirreled away and being a little more creative.  It's not easy!  Small consolation is that I am still waiting for 1 or 2 parcels of fabrics that I ordered in November and early December. 

One of my Groups has an exhibition in March - some finishes needed for that.

Make Block Lotto blocks every month Put together the two wins I had in 2013.

Finishes I would like to happen:
Orca Bay, Easy Street - both flimisies that need quilting, by June.  Piecing of Celtic Solstice - to do at least an hour a week, and complete at a week-end quilt retreat at the end of May, if not done by then - at this stage I think it is going to be 2 or 3 quilts, not a single king-size one.  Join in Bonnie's year-end mystery, if she does one again!

I think I would like to complete at least one quilt a month this year - I don't even want to think about how many are unfinished!  Actually, that is a goal - to make a new list of Projects in Progress!

Teach Mum to quilt!  Either on her own machine and/or on my frame.  She is building up a pile of quilt tops and blocks (for me to set together) and it would be good to see some finished.  It's on hold for a little while as she sprained/strained her wrist pruning trees in her garden this week!

Phew! that sounds like a lot of work - but "how do you eat an elephant?"  - one bite at a time!  Just need to cease  minimize the procrastination that overcomes me too often!!  Bought a diary today - I found last year that if I add just three tasks a day, one week at a time, it seems to create time for more to get done!  (Yes, yes,  I know I have all the electronic things I could use, but somehow that paper diary seems to work better!)

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  1. Wow! Those are some ambitious goals. The teacher accreditation sounds interesting--good luck with that. Since you will be teaching your mom, I see some nice synchronicity there.

    Of course, I can't wait to see those finished quilts from lotto blocks ;-)


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