16 February 2014

A busyish month...

With no writing here for over a month, where to start!?   My daughter T and her partner were here for three weeks which was wonderful.  In that time she had a single-bed quilt commission (that means I did some cutting!), and hogged my sewing machine!

I was a winner for January's Block Lotto, and have shared the blocks with someone who hadn't yet been lucky.

And have resolved the problem of my the c: drive partition on my laptop running out of space!  Found some free software (Minitool Partition Wizard) that would reallocate the unused space on the d: to c:- worked like a charm!  It doesn't help that I'm still running XP!   Was seriously considering a new laptop - but now think it can wait!

The only bit of sewing done, can't been shown yet - it's a secret!

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