22 February 2014

Stringed beads and emboridery

These are the February blocks that I've made for the Block Lotto - the block is called Beads on a String.   They will finish at 7" square, they are 7.5" unfinished.  Not as difficult to make as I initially thought!

 I belong to the Cape Embroiderers Guild (although I don't stitch much!), I try to attend their monthly meetings as they have interesting speakers and the work on display each time is amazing (and I get to see my great friend!).  This is a little pouch made for them for an event (I think being held in Port Elizabeth) later in the year.  The Aida fabric and threads were provided as well as the pattern and they needed about 150!  Don't you like the lining fabric!  It's 4" x 3.5".

One of the vendors at the Good Hope Quilters' Guild meeting a couple of weeks ago had a selection of jigsaw puzzles with quilt pictures!  Couldn't resist - it will stay sealed until T is home again!


  1. OK, now I know for sure that those are your bead-on-a-string blocks and not one of the other five Karens :-)
    The stitched pouch is adorable–I cannot believe your group is making 150 of them.

  2. Lovely pouch, Karen. And I so lust after your bead blocks. Good luck on the drawing. No reason you can't win twice in a row.


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