29 March 2014

Assignment progress

I put together the centre square of the third practical assignment, and it went together brilliantly - all the points matched beautifully in the centre on the first go....problem is the square ended up too small.... so today did another one, size is right but I had to unpick about a dozen times before the points all met!  Can't show photos of finished pieces until the assignments have been submitted.

These are photos of the wrong-sized one in progress, and I love how the pieces spin in the middle on the reverse!

This is the wall yesterday morning:

We have lived in our house for 33 years and every year I promise myself that I will take photos of the tree in the front garden as we head into autumn.  It is still green, engulfed with a Virginia creeper (which I cut back to the ground almost every year), but within a few weeks both the creeper and the tree will turn into glorious oranges before the leaves drop.  I will post a couple of pictures a week to show the changes.  I have no idea what tree it is!  This photo was taken in the morning with the bright sun on the the foliage across the road.  I really like this tree, so when we had the front wall built about 25 years ago, it was built to curve behind the tree!  Underneath is a lavender bush and in the curve some shade loving plants. Just to the right is a hibiscus, which needs shaping.

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