12 March 2014

Editing improvements

Yay! I finally figured out how to wrap the text next to the picture!   I do hope I will remember next time!

This is this foundation trench today.  There is a pile of sand and gravel in the driveway, apparently the ready-mix truck can't get close enough for pouring (so they say), so they will be mixing the foundations in a small cement mixer.  Arggh, more noise tomorrow!

The frangipani is down, but doing some reading yesterday, I think we might be able to propagate 3 or 4 new much smaller trees.  The suggestion was to leave the cut branches to dry out for a week or two before replanting.  But would have been better to do in winter.

They've also removed one of the two stumps of the Brazilian cherry "trees" on the boundary.  These poor trees have been cut to stumps often, but they are so hardy they soon sent out cute new growth.   Lots of their babies around the garden.

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