05 March 2014

Lots of pictures and noise

Well, I did get a little sewing done today in spite of the noise of jack hammer demolishing our old garage/storeroom that abuts my sewing room.   Three chevron blocks, one split 9-patch and one knitted square (ok, that was finished yesterday!)   Went to Fish Hoek this afternoon and met with four fellow SAQG-TAC students to discuss our progress, or lack thereof!
... amidst this:  See the window in the middle ...  now it's gone.

 All outside the front / street-side, new walls and planter
Look, no carport!
Front garden, early this morning

Later in the day, balancing on top of semi-demolished wall with jack hammer!!!
 Drying yard / outside kitchen  / piles of rubble, some of which will be land-fill and some to be removed, but meantime have to keep all windows closed because of the dust.  Having to use tumble drier although it is still late summer!
This small outside toilet to go and a new wall is to go up through the middle of this picture, the door nearest to be bricked up (perhaps a window instead...) and the stairs removed, as this will be the side alleyway on the right, with the new driveway on the left to the sub-divided property:
More pics soon!  Have a recording of the noise, but can't figure out (yet) how to compress the large file.

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