02 March 2014

Star chains and Chevrons

My blocks for March's Block Lotto.  They each measure 14.5" square.  The fabric rules were to use any green for the background, a light for the chain squares and a contrast for the Ohio star in the centre.

This is a quilt top made up from the 12 blocks I won from the January lotto, added to the six blocks I had made.  (To be added to the pile of tops for quilting!)

A 3.5" high pile of 4.5" squares, mostly novelty prints - I dug the out of the box on Thursday at our group meeting, it was fun to see how old some of these are!  I counted them (260) and weighed them (456 g) - to be mailed this week to Wales.  I didn't realise I had so many of these ready cut!

And an update on the growing spread of 6.5" Split 9-patch blocks (29 done).   I have another 31 sets ready to sew, as stops and starters between other piecing. 

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  1. You have been a busy girl. I like what you did with the Double Chevron blocks--every cool and unexpected!


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